LIMS Services

LIMS Services

LQMS is a group of Quality Professionals , Engineers & Programmers who can really bridge the gap , If you are involved in the accreditation process.

When you are assessed, the accreditation body will, of course, determine whether you are compliant on assessment.


A laboratory must take active steps to check that its quality system is being operated
Properly  and that it is achieving the required standard of quality. Quality control provides some feedback on these issues but this is not, in itself, sufficient to meet the requirements of ISO 17025. The system must be pro-active and provide assurance of quality. Moreover, the quality system itself must be under constant scrutiny.

However, the assessors will be far more interested in satisfying themselves that you have a robust management system which will maintain compliance on a routine basis.

ISO Standards  requires audit and review of the system on a planned and regular basis, plus ongoing monitoring to detect quality problems and even to anticipate and prevent problems. These are all strategies designed to detect actual or potential non conformances.


Self-examination for compliance with ISO  Standards

 Key questions

  • Do you have a mechanism for checking that your arrangements for quality management arebeing operated on a day-to-day basis by all staff?
  • Where this is found not to be the case, do you have a mechanism for taking corrective action toensure that the situation is remedied and not likely to recur?
  •  Do you use the information from any quality problem to enable you to identify where the

quality system can be improved and do you act on this?

  •  Do you have mechanisms to monitor trends in quality performance so that failures can be anticipated and dealt with before they become critical?
  •  Do you have mechanisms in place to scrutinise the quality system for areas where improvements might be possible?
  •  Do you review the performance of your quality system to determine whether it is delivering the objectives which you have identified for it?

The questions in the self-examination questionnaire they are the kind of questions which you should be asking yourself, as a laboratory, as you try to decide where you are ISO 17025 compliant.
This will give pointers to where you need to make changes. It cannot be emphasized too strongly that there are no standard ways of achieving compliance; rather there are hundreds of approaches to complying with any particular requirement. You need to focus on the requirement itself and to find the most convenient and cost-effective way to meet it in your particular situation.

A well managed quality system should pay for itself by reducing the amount of re-testing or re-calibration a laboratory needs to do and by improving its clients’ confidence and hence its success as a business.

With  the LQMS quality management system before they impact on data quality.
Where there are no problems, the activities provide a record that the quality management system has been scrutinized and found to be satisfactory.

LQMS  is a database application for operating a paperless quality management system (QMS).  you will save significant amount of time managing the system, while improving its overall efficiency and compliance.

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